Sunday, June 9, 2013


With the death of one, comes life in another.
A more worthy, self-sufficient girl.
No longer dependant; addicted to the pain and punishment which she so greatly believed she deserved.
For what she was, what she had become was disgusting, degrading- wrong- in all aspects of the word.

Her painted face did nothing to hide the anger and hate; unlike the others who she surrounded herself with.
The beater, the cheater, and the rapist.
She know them all too well; but hardly at all- as she stay silent for the majority of their years together.
Of course the latter of the group knew it better than the rest.
Silencing her at every moment that presented itself.

The others clouded the fact in their minds- as it was... trivial... in their lives.
But they kept on.
Day after day.
Until the all had a taste- one or one hundred- of the dependant girl- who deserved the punishment.

Past is past- never leaving- but not quite staying with us.
Leave it.
Leave it all.
Become what you thought you were never supposed to be.

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